Trauma Healing and Recovery


To help the WLTI participants address their own struggles with pain and suffering and equip them to help their churches and communities with personal and societal trauma. To add understanding to the causes of trauma and processes in bringing about holistic healing. 

Rationale: Celestin knew healing was a necessity and would require  raising up a leaders who would embody peace and reconciliation in order to unite their devastated country.  

The African Women's Training Initiative  is part of ALARM's holistic approach that strengthens, equips and empowers servant leaders who lead with integrity, honesty and a core belief that all people are equal and created in the image of God.  

This conference is critical as it focuses on trauma recovery and healing.  All but one of the women participating in this 3-year training initiative survived the 1994 genocide.  Each woman has incurred great loss and experienced layers of trauma.  Not only were thousands of men, women and  children murdered-- entire families were mutilated and killed.  Many women were terrorized by being beaten, repeated sexual assault and brutality.  These atrocities have left thousands severally injured physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Almost if not everyone who survived the genocide bear the scars of this horrid time.

Our work will be to serve with the ALARM staff as we walk alongside these women, listening to their stories while guiding them through trauma recovery and  healing.  As they experience even greater healing they will become better equipped to walk alongside others offering the hope and healing their communities so need.

It is our hope and prayer that during this week conference, God will work in and through these women bringing light to very dark places.