Unfortunately, our group hit a traveling obstacle early in the trip. Lisa Hartman and I were able to successfully get from Chicago to Rwanda with our biggest fight being United Airlines' bag police. Apparently no matter what country your in, United is not impressed with how much two women can pack into a 9x12x22in space. But, we successfully made it with all our items and were greeted by the warm faces of Ben and David of ALARM.

I have  a feeling the other half has a little more to say about there trip in... 

They were grounded on their flight from Indianapolis to D.C. due to weather complications. After lots of prayers, some travel agent magic and night spent in the D.C. airport, they were able to get a flight through Ethiopia and should arrive in at 12:40 pm today. This painfully extended their travel time from just under 24 hours to approximately 44 hours.

Lisa and I just returned from church with Ben and are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the other half and their 550 lbs. of luggage.

So I'm sending the rest of the team my best wishes as I enjoy this beautiful view with the sounds of worshiping neighbors flooding over ALARM's walls.

 - Chelsea