Here's a few stats for those of you who like numbers.

Total individual participants:  45-49 daily (some participants sent apologies for not be able to attend due to illness and their children returning to school on February 2.)

The WLTI participants ages varied and this was truly an intergenerational gathering!  The women ranged from 22 to 60.  That means we had women who were born in the 1990s and the 1950s... that's quite a range.  So hopeful. 

Women came from a variety of protestant denominations and every region of Rwanda was represented.  Literally when these women go back in their communities they will reach the entire country.

Watching the women greet us and each other compensated for the delays and long travel. 

As the women entered Monday morning they were so excited to be back together.  Just six months ago we gathered this group of leaders for the first time.  At that time most of them were just meeting and were in the process of building deeper relationships.   

It is critical as leaders to be in the presence of other leaders to support and challenge each other.   These women who were once strangers and even enemies now stand as friends and sisters because of their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and desire to bring about hope and healing to Rwanda.