Sharing our stories with each other is sacred ground.  Here are three stories shared in the presence of others.  As each person shared you could feel the room fill with courage and comfort.

A woman shared being  sexually abused by 3 men in the Rwandan Genocide impacting her physically and emotionally. Through tears and deep sorrow she expressed this part of her story; when she married the lingering effects impacted her ability for intimacy with her husband. The flashbacks and trauma has continued to linger for years. She stood and expressed her gratitude for a patient husband and the continued healing she is experiencing. She has found as God comforts her, she is able to continue healing and be a comfort to others.

Another woman shared how she had been hiding her pain and sorrow up to this day. She and her child were raped at the time of the genocide, leaving a deep scar in her soul and an adult child who is disabled. This conference and the women who listened to her tell her story have helped her learn how to deal with her own pain and how to step out to help others.

A mother stood and shared how her two sons had been sexually violated at young ages by a older teenage girl living nearby.  As the tears flowed from her eyes, she speaks of how hard it is to trust others. However, after hearing about trauma healing and recovery she knows she has made progress this week. She is eager to apply the techniques acquired to begin the process of healing and forgiveness and offer what she has experienced to others in her church and community.