The WLTI participants don't speak English and we don't speak Kinyarwanda.  Yep, that's a problem.  Or at least it should be a problem or at least a major obstacle.  

To hep bring this gap, Beth one of our team members taught a basic English lesson each day.  

It's amazing how knowing a few simple phrases in another person's native language can lessen the distance between us.

As we worked on our Kinyarwanda and they worked on English -- we took another step closer to each other! 

Murakoze = Thank You

Mwaramutse = Good Morning

Amakuru = How are you?

Ni meza = I am well.

Witwa nde? = What's your name/

Nitway = My name is _______________.

Yego = Yes

Oya = No

Imana Ni Nziza = God is good.