We are right at the one month mark before this team heads out to Rwanda to facilitate our 3rd conference.  So much has been happening so here's quick update (in no particular order -- it's all pretty amazing!) of some highlights!

  1. As of yesterday ALL team members have raised their funds -- this is all about the serious generosity of you all -- their family and friends..    
  2. The Leadership Development and Mentoring curriculum has been finalized and is now in Africa being translated into the Kinyarwanda language.  One of my fav moments is seeing the translated copies.  
  3. ALL the funding for the conference participants is IN!  All 55 women have been supported!  THANKS to you and many others these leaders will continue to be encouraged and equipped to lead effectively in their churches and communities. 
  4. The Rwandan women are making arrangements to be away for the week conference. Soon they'll be making their way to Kigali (many will travel for hours) by foot and/or van/bus to the training center.  I can't wait to see their faces again.  
  5. It is a beautiful picture to watch these women reconnect.   We'll try to capture some of this in photographs and post for you to see!
  6. We are literally watching friendships develop before our eyes.  These women who were strangers before we began just 1 year ago -- now call each other friends and sisters.  Turi inshuti -- we are friends -- all of us -- the American team and the Rwanda women!  

Excited and eager to be with our friends again.  Keep an eye out we'll be posting updates frequently through our trip.