Our team woke up to a cool, Rwandan morning and heavy gratitude in our hearts. We ended the first day of the conference by playing volleyball, soccer, and frisbee with the women. Many faces that had been stoic and burdened were transformed into pure, unadulterated joy. 

There is something sacred about laughter. It breaks down barriers and removes the need for a translator. We got the opportunity to delight in these women, just as our Father delights in all of us (Zephaniah 3:17). What a picture of the Kingdom - that we can pour out the same love that we have received, that we can experience true joy alongside other believers halfway around the world, that we can share in the inheritance of freedom with our Rwandan sisters.

Tuesday morning, the second day of the conference, we began by discussing different passages of Scripture (Matthew 23:1-11, Mark 10:35-45, Acts 2:14-21, and more) and what we can learn about leadership from the Bible. The women engaged with the passages enthusiastically and soaked up God's truth. This foundational time ushered us into a fruitful day of learning practical leadership skills such as casting vision, building trust with others, and enabling others to act. 

The day ended by breaking bread together. We searched our hearts, repented of sin, and took communion. With deep emotion, many of the women prayed with tears streaming down their faces and kneeling in reverence to our faithful and forgiving God. It was a compelling moment - watching 55 of Rwanda's most passionate women leaders humble themselves before the Lord.  

Our team is praying for continued opportunities to encourage and empower the women at this conference. It is our hope that they will leave this week with renewed passion and fresh vision for their ministries - that God will bring his kingdom to bear in their ordinary, everyday lives. Will you pray with us? 

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