Bill Hybels once said, "Everyone wins when a leader gets better." We believe that the influence of a good leader can be felt for generations, which is exactly why the Women's Leadership Training Institute is so vital. We are training a variety of leaders from different generations, different denominations, and different villages. Imagine the impact when so many women with varying backgrounds come together to lead their communities well. The ripple effect would be unstoppable.


This is the dream of ALARM and our WLTI teaching team, and with your help, we are making this dream a reality. 


Lives are changing because of you. Communities are being transformed because of your partnership. Because of you, one of the conference attendees was able to say, "It is not easy to tell people that Jesus saves while they're starving. But there is a great harvest in our church because of the trainings I have received here." 


This is the power of the global Church. There is an African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." When we come together to empower and equip others, God's love spreads like wildfire. 


A good leader knows that the success of their influence and vision is largely dependent on their ability to communicate well, and good communication is a mixture of talking and listening. That's why we spend a long time training the WLTI attendees on communication skills such as active listening and managing conflict. Communication is a foundational part of any thriving ministry. On the third day of our leadership development and mentoring conference, we spent time reviewing communication skills, coaching, and team building. We reminded the women that they are not meant to carry the burdens of their ministry alone, that they can invite others to join them on the journey, and that they have the ability to build into others just like we are building into them now. Leaders aren't born; they're built, and we hope that this training results in a ripple effect of Christian leaders across all of Rwanda. 


Thursday is the last full day of the leadership development and mentoring conference. To end the day, our WLTI team is going to model servant leadership for the conference attendees by inviting them to join us in a foot washing (John 13). We are expecting the Holy Spirit to move in powerful ways, and we are praying for God to bond all of us together in unity as we walk in light and love. We are praying for you too - that God would encourage your hearts. We believe that God can do anything, and that his power is not bound by geographical lines. Our God can transform lives and impact communities, and that is not restricted to the continent of Africa. As we train and equip and empower leaders in Rwanda, we pray that God will provide these very same opportunities for you, because even though we live on different sides of the world, we really are better together.