Beaten Down: Turning Nightmares into Sweet Dreams by Maggie Johnson

The story is real, but her name has been changed for safety reasons.

The reality of her life erupted into a living nightmare soon after her wedding.  After just a year and a half the beatings began.  Her husband and his family were angry and blamed her for not being able to get pregnant. The abuse she was experiencing only exacerbated the pain and confusion she was already carrying.

Feeling alone and hopeless, Lysa accepted an invitation from a friend to go to church for prayer.  

“My pastor and I will pray for you. If it is God's will for you to be pregnant, then you will be. God can do anything."

Lysa was skeptical, but she was also desperate. After her friend and the pastor prayed, Lysa realized she was pregnant.

She immediately said, "I know that this is the true God because he can do miracles." Lysa was overcome by the love of her Heavenly Father.

The struggles didn’t end there.

Shortly after giving birth to her first child, Lysa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and told her that she would not be able to have another child. God had other plans.

Once again, God showed Lysa that he is a God of miracles.

She did become pregnant and gave birth to a second son. With the cancer still looming the doctor scheduled surgery. To everyone’s surprise during the surgery the doctor was unable to find the cancer and said her cancer had disappeared. Lysa's doctor was astonished, but Lysa was no longer surprised by the miracles of her God.

Tension grew between Lysa and her husband as her faith in God increased. Unfortunately, her husband did not share Lysa’s belief in God or accept her new way of living. He eventually abandoned her and their two sons, divorcing Lysa and leaving their son’s fatherless.

Providing for herself and her boys isn’t easy, but Lysa continued to place her trust in Jesus and remained faithful to Him.

One night God came to Lysa while she was sleeping and gave her in a dream. In this dream she says God told her that she would travel to many countries to tell people about all that he had done for her.

Even though she had no idea how this this would ever be possible, Lysa remained open and willing to whatever God had for her.

In the last few years miraculously, Lysa has traveled to Uganda, Kenya, Congo, and other provinces in Rwanda to proclaim the love of God.

Today Lysa is one of the fifty-five women participating in the Women's Leadership Training Institute (WLTI) in Rwanda.  She is gaining more leadership skills and knowledge empowering her to impact the kingdom of God with her gifts.

Lysa is just one example of the ripple effect we are seeing as a result of the WLTI.