We are so excited to return to Rwanda and connect with the WLTI women.  

This time we will be addressing Women's Realities including physical development, sexuality, reproductive health, women's health issues and trauma. 

In addition to the conference we will also offer a vision clinic.  Last time we visited our team was able to conduct a vision screening for 71 individuals.  A woman who is dependent on making baskets was thrilled as she is now able to thread her needle for the very first time.  A man who dropped out of school years ago is planning to return to school and finish his education because he can now see the blackboard.  And these are just two of the stories!


The team consists 7  women -- -- three 20-somethings,  one-40 something and three-50 somethings.  

5 returners - (this is good news since we'll be delving in to some intense and personal topics - so already having established relationships is an important place to start) 

corinne gunter, team lead, pastor -- teaching team member

jama davis, counselor, professor -- teaching team lead

jennifer conley, emergency room nurse with a specialty in sexual assault - teaching team 

jessica gunter, project manager -- photographer, vision clinic, IWE (ALARM's girls school) speaker

chelsea gunter, business strategy analyst -- vision clinic, economic development research and IWE (ALARM's girls school) speaker

AND our two newbies:

amanda alexandar, gerontology specialist - vision clinic and IWE (ALARM's girls school) speaker

bridget hurry, OB/gyn physician who has been serving in Uganda - teaching team

we'd love your help in supporting the team - any and all donations are appreciated.  to make a tax-deductible donation click here.