WLTI Cohort. Picture from Summer 2016 conference.

WLTI Cohort. Picture from Summer 2016 conference.

Overview of Traveling TeaM

Team Lead (liaison between sending church(es) and ALARM-Rwanda)

Project Manager (coordinate logistics, manage itinerary, monitor trip fundraising and expenses, etc.)

Story Teller (gather stories and assist in updating social media, website, blog, before, during and after the conferences)

Photographer or Videographer (capture images, conference and trip highlights)

Conference Facilitators (2-3 individuals who teach/facilitate content through interpreter - see content schedule)

English Teacher (facilitates English lessons throughout the week)

Administrative Support (support teaching team through scribing notes and instructional material preparation)

Connectors (hang out with the WLTI Trainers of Trainers through encouragement, fellowship and fun)

Ideal team size is between 5-8. 




Interested in applying to travel with one of our teams?

Contact Corinne Gunter, corinne@alarm-inc.org to begin the process. 

Each team member is responsible for raising their support for all travel expenses estimated to be around $3,500.  Participation must be approved through an application and interview process.

Please keep in mind several team positions are pre-selected based on past experience and expertise.